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Could I be less in control? So while I teeter between anger with myself for not admitting how I feel and anger at him for not figuring it out, neither of us can be blamed. Or we both can. Without labels to connect us, I have no justification for my feelings and he has no obligation to acknowledge them.

And what we have together becomes intangible. We fixate on a person who may not be right for us simply because he never wronged us. Because without a label, he never really had the chance.

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In years past, maybe back when people went steady, he may have been the one who got away. Until he can be labeled ours, just calling him Jeremy will have to do. To contact Modern Love, email modernlove nytimes. Sign up for Love Letter , our new weekly newsletter. Log In. I thought I had misheard her.

For Once, I Wanted Less

Under the muted flashes of a strobe light, we shared our first kiss. Every time his name popped up on my phone, my heart raced. I told myself a lot of things I never told him. And I was. No labels, no drama, right? We hiked with phone flashlights along two trails to the top of the hill. Looking at our moonlit shadows, we sat silent. Heading back, we got lost, and I traded a leaf for her number.

Remember how we met, as semi-random roommates? Back then, I was a straight girl. You were a Christian with a boyfriend. You held me during my late-night panic attacks. I annoyed you into going to class. Remember how we dated for a month?

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And then the crisis: Too many friends died. Too much anti-queer turmoil on campus. I came out as a guy. You said you would only date women.


Modern love essays ny times

We supported each other and survived. Now we have an apartment and two cats.

Reunited, we went out for awkward catch-up drinks and dinner. The night melted into a surprising familiarity.

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