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Misuse of science and technology can produce harmful consequences. Therefore, we must monitor the use and be wise in our actions. It has given us railway systems, TV, refrigerator, internet and more. This lunar exploration helped India make a distinctive place amongst the other developed countries. Benefits of Science and Technology If we think about it, there are numerous benefits of science and technology. Customize your course in 30 seconds Which class are you in?

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Stuck with a Question Mark? Have a doubt at 3 am? Our experts are available 24x7. Connect with a tutor instantly and get your concepts cleared in less than 3 steps. Download the App Watch lectures, practise questions and take tests on the go. Download Previous Years Question Papers. Do you want Question Papers of last 10 years for free? Enter your phone number to get it. Now, we have five research reactors, including Cirus, Dhruua, Zerina and Purnima. We have carried out two underground nuclear tests at Pokharan in Rajasthan.

This is a remarkable achievement by our nuclear scientists, which has enabled us to become one of the selected few countries of the world to have done it. India is also the first developing country, and one of the seven countries of the world to master fast breeding technology. In the INSAT-2 series of satellites, launched first in , India has shown its ability to fabricate complex systems comparable to anything made anywhere in the world.

Our previous launches of the SLV-3 and the SLV were merely stepping stones to what will be the workhorses of the business, the PSLV, which can launch one tone satellite into orbit of up to km, and the. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, which can take 2. As has been rightly observed, the challenge before Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO is to maintain the momentum of the programme by integrating it with other missions.

The most obvious ones are related to military communication and reconnaissance. Our success on Antarctica speaks volumes of our scientific genius and technological wisdom in the field. So far, 13 scientific expeditions by our oceanographers, scientists and technicians have been to Antarctica and we have two permanent stations on the icy continent. In the field of defence also our achievements have been quite laudable. The successful production of such missiles as Prithvi and Nag testify to the high capabilities and achievements of our scientists.

We have also been successful in producing opt-electronic fire control and night-vision devices required for our indigenous tanks. The norms that follow from the values of the technological world picture are effectiveness, standardization, efficiency, success, safety, reliability, and maximum profit, with little or no attention given to the cost to humanity, society, the environment, and nature.

Material values and standards clearly have the upper hand in the technological world picture. We continue to encounter more problems in which the technological world picture and the ethics that accompany it fail us.

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This is especially clear from problems related to preserving biodiversity and sustainability. Recent decreases in biodiversity are shocking. Within the time span of a single generation, the number of species has been halved. This must surely be the result of looking at living reality from a predominantly technical perspective.

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Sustainability ought to satisfy the requirements of the present generation without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to provide for their needs. Why is sustainability under pressure? Lopsided growth is engrained in the process from the start. As a result, sustainable development is by definition out of the question.

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Environmental technology may make some steps in the right direction, but these are often subsequently undone or negated by the technical economy, which provides the infrastructure for these environmentally friendly technical innovations. The technological world picture also stands in the way of resolving growing concerns about climate change. Our way of dealing with creation prevents us from gaining a new perspective within which to revise the problematics of this impasse.

The current cultural picture continues to be fed by a technological expectation of salvation. Spiritually, the focus is on technology. Discussion of basic assumptions and questions about meaning are usually excluded, and reality is reduced to a reality that has to be controlled. The guiding principle is the picture of a technical construction that continually increases in strength.

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  • Reality has no essential value. The focus is always on its instrumental value. Plants and animals are prized primarily for their material use to us in science and technology. Even human beings are increasingly considered remake-able.

    Science and Technology Essay

    The ship can no longer be steered to reach any goal, but will go round in circles, a victim of wind and currents. Technical power has undoubtedly increased, but the threat of devastation has also increased. Technological advancement as such is turning against man and his environment. These threats are frequently veiled by the vaunted superiority of technological effectiveness and economic efficiency. The ethical reduction these involve is scarcely discerned. This statement ought to be given more attention. Life as many understand it today was shaped and nourished by the spirit of the Enlightenment.

    Much good can be attributed to that spirit, but also much that is evil. In my estimation, current views about technology, generally speaking, suffer from a cosmological deficiency and from an ethical deficiency. Conceptions about the cosmos are often very limited because justice is not being done to the multifaceted depth and breadth of reality. Reality is often reduced to the world that science and technology aim to control—to a positivistic cosmology, a view of the cosmos to which technology is the key. This lopsided take on the world does not do justice to the many-sided dimensions and coherence of reality in its fullness and pays no attention to its dependence on and orientation with respect to its divine Origin, no heed to the transcendental direction of everything.

    In addition to a cosmological shortfall, there is also an ethical deficit. The world around us is taken to consist of things to be manipulated.

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    Scientific-technological thinking reduces everything to the status of useful object. The unique value and meaning of things is dissolved into the use or benefit that that reality has for humankind. This ethical deficiency can best be characterized as the lack of love, because justice is not done to the peculiar nature, individuality, or uniqueness of things. That is evident today in how the technological model dictates how we deal with animals.

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    • We see animals more and more as production units that supply the technologically defined functions we say we need. The ideas behind the therapeutic and reproductive cloning of humans also fit in with this technological world picture. The German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk provides a second illustration. He maintains that the influence of the Enlightenment in shaping humankind has not gone far enough and actually cannot do so.

      Human formation needs to be augmented with technological innovation. Developments in the area of genetic manipulation make that possible, and Sloterdijk is convinced that we should move in that direction. These things being the case, what constitutes a critical approach to the technological world picture? The spirit of modernity seems to coincide with unrestrained technological development. Yet, as a result of the tangible problems and threats tied to that development, we are confronted in the meantime with all kinds of protest movements. Even so, the majority of people still support the Enlightenment project.

      The crisis is imminent: It is increasingly clear that our culture cannot handle both absolute freedom and absolute controlling power. The great philosopher Immanuel Kant answered the question as to what the Enlightenment is. Human reason is accepted as the controlling instrument: People set out to re-create the world as they wish it to be by means of science and technology.

      The spirit of the Enlightenment connects itself via technology and the economy with happiness and freedom,with optimism, progress, and utility on the other hand, it closes its eyes to the possible ill effects of its striving. Many current cultural-philosophical critiques highlight the shortcomings of the Enlightenment. People are increasingly convinced that its instrumental rationality has and will continue to have devastating results because it implies reductionism.