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The enemy of freedom of expression, is censorship. Censorship eliminates individual freedoms. This Censor Board over the past 9 decades has prohibited the importation of movies such as, "Lady Chatterley's Lover", books such as Trotsky's "Chapters from my diary" and the movie "The Last Tango in Paris". There is no artist which would argue that the public should not be informed about the content of the movie, book or art. Censorship is a judgement. Media Censorship Censorship of the media is a hotly contested topic.

The teenagers were imitating a scene from the movie. Touchstone Pictures removed the scene from the movie as a result of the tragedy with the teenagers.

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Censorship Unfortunate tragedies such as the MTV related incident and the Program related incident draw strong public support for censorship of the media. In the same way society can not thrive and progress if censorship exists. This won" t be possible if censorship exists. Censorship is exactly this - make-up and ignorance. They have the choice not to watch the movie or read the book that expresses the ideas they don't like or disagree with.

In order for it to be, it should be open for change and new ideas and this is only possible without censorship of any kind. This statement is some times doubtful because of all of the censorships that are placed in music, cartoons and movies from now in days.

Its true rap artists now in days use a great deal of obscenities, violence and foul language in their lyrics that can create censorship. Many people based the student's acts to a movie that had come out to theaters by the name of "The Matrix" which had seen that was similar to what the students were wearing that day. These kinds of acts that are in no way related to any movie, promote more censorship in movies which, at the same time diminis Censorship is the antonym of freedom.

We see censorship everyday in books, magazines, music, movies, and in television. Censorship is absurd, it is ridiculous, and if anything at all it is more harmful than helpful. One now has to be at least eighteen years or older to buy an "R" rated movie or game, and to see an "R" rated movie. The continuing of censorship will never cease nor will the government cease to take away our constitutional rights. What might the legal line of argument look like? What is the precise legal justification for encumbering the cinematic arts exclusively to the burden of censorship?

Horrible for our children.

Discriminating among the various forms of creative expression in this manner is irrational, unfair and untenable against the touchstone of the constitutional guarantee of equality before the law. What is the rationale behind, and what is the object of such differentiation? In our current situation, there are just two alternatives to put this discriminatory regime behind us.

Either we dismantle the odious structures of cinematic censorship. Or we bring all creative forms of expression under censorship. An intelligent, culturally aware, literate, aesthetically evolved citizenry must take an uncompromising stance against illiberal forces of bigotry and thought control. All of us need to unite for such causes; else this will remain a solitary individual fight, making no dent.

No nation-state accepts unbridled and unbounded freedom of opinion or expression. All freedoms are circumscribed within specific social and cultural context.

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As soon as we begin to accept this line of reasoning, we experience a sense of unease that something crucial and essential to freedom is slipping away. This is where we enter the amorphous terrain of individual or group specific constraints. In the scarcity or absence of ethics, values, respect, mutuality, it is easy to get mired in the quicksand of subjectivity.

Perhaps it was precisely this sort of a world that Rushdie transported us to in his Haroun and the Sea of Stories. The Land of Chup is a land of oppressive silence where the Sun would never rise.

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Right next door, the raucous, argumentative land of Gup , always enjoyed bright sunlight. It is for us to decide whether we want to be citizens of Chup or Gup.

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Freedom and Rights are human artefacts. Do they deserve protection? Should we strive to protect those and to what extent and at what cost? We need to grapple with these and attempt to answer. Impotent finger-pointing at mobocratic armies of the intolerant and easily offended will only end in the pounding out of all freedoms and we would have brought this bleak consequence upon ourselves by our apathy.

It is possible to put things on film that are truly inhumane and offensive. Just because a filmmaker has seen fit to film something doesn't mean that theaters, television stations, and film producers should be required to screen and distribute it without censorship. The current film ratings system creates conditions of censorship, but it also serves to help educate and warn the public about things they might view unwittingly. Censorship doesn't have to equate to silencing and sanitation. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search.


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Horrible for our children. Report Post. Like Reply. Maximum words. Posted by: janczi95 Report Post. Like Reply Challenge. Destruction of youth!! Posted by: jennifer. Do you think Dune would have been a better film if Salvator Dali had directed with a score by Pink Floyd? Do pornstars get paid enough?